When choosing a sophisticated locking system where security is an issue, compromise is simply not an option!

The presence of the master of the system eliminates the need for bulky key rings. The master system is usually a chief master key that opens all the locks on the object as a lot of them would not be. There may be other, sectional master keys, such as the master-key storage facilities, restaurant facilities, office space on the floors, etc. Master system are made to order, but their final functionality is planned from the beginning.

ABLOY cylinder mechanisms, due to their unique construction and design, are particularly suited to master key suites, providing keyholding simplicity to often complex requirements.

An ABLOY Masterkeyed Suite refers to a system whereby the Masterkey will operate all the ABLOY locks within the suite, whilst Sub-Masterkeys will operate a group or an individual ABLOY lock within the suite. A unique feature of an ABLOY Masterkeyed suite, is that it allows you to include all different lock types for different applications within the same suite. These can include, amongst others - door locks, padlocks, drawer locks, electric locks, etc...

Technical solutions provided by Capcom Ltd provide a large number of different combinations, allowing you to adapt and expand the capacities needed to meet safety requirements.

The simplest solution is a master key system with all locks operated by individual keys and an overriding master key operating all locks. Our solutions also encompass highly sophisticated key architecture, providing multi-level restriction with multiple master keys operating across many sites, overridden by a single grand master key.

The objectives of an ABLOY Masterkeyed Suite are to regulate the movement of employees within the system, whilst providing the convenience of each keyholder carrying only a single key.

Please contact our experienced sales team on the best advice on ABLOY PROTEC master key system.

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