Capcom is a leading distributor of Abloy products. Abloy is one of the leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems and architectural hardware and the world’s leading developer of products in the field of electromechanical locking systems.

The position of ABLOY as one of the six global brands of ASSA ABLOY Group supports our internationalization process and empowers us to strengthen our business in existing markets and to expand into new areas.

ABLOY's product offer spans from mechanical locks to keyless entries and intelligent door openings.

Locks and security solutions from ASSA ABLOY stand for high quality. Our product offer include mechanical locks - such as door locks and cylinder locks - and security doors; as well as electromechanical locks, electronic locks, door closers, door automatics, access control systems and identification, smart cards and RFID readers.

Keyless entries are part of our door security solutions offer with for example ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys. The ASSA ABLOY Mobile Key solution is just one example of how technologies such as NFC and RFID are integrated into locks and keyless or even remote keyless entries.

Entry doors may need door automatics and door closers. Access control systems may need to interact with the master lock system and master key systems. ASSA ABLOY's lock and door opening security solutions offer draws on the world's largest selection of locking products for a diverse range of applications and environments.

We stand behind and guarantee all of our products which include hardware, window fittings, garage locks, stand-alone solutions, electronic products and components.

In our product pages we present an overview of lock and security products that meet the needs of almost any security application or standard in the world.

Please contact our experienced sales team on the best advice on High Security Locking solutions.