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Capcom Limited was founded in 1995 with the goal of delivering security solutions to the Kenyan real estate and construction industry, as well as a variety of other market sectors across East Africa. With more than two decades of expertise, we’ve earned a strong reputation for being a one-stop shop all our clients’ security needs. Our ability to understand customer needs, give consulting on the best solutions for these needs, and integrate all essential solutions without the effort of dealing with many vendors is what sets us apart. We are known for our ability to combine the best solution for our client’s demands.

We can now deliver smart solutions via IP infrastructure, assuring comprehensive security on the physical and digital levels, and combining various elements of security and smart living on unified control panels as well as mobile management, thanks to the advancements in IP technology.

Security is an important factor in today’s environment in all facets of daily life. Our solutions are focused on demands of our customers and they include cutting-edge and pragmatic and practical solutions to meet those needs. We urge all of our customers to include security issues in their designs early on, and we can also advise on the best solutions. We also supply the same cutting-edge solution to the retrofit sector. Our ultimate purpose is to save lives, defend property, and maintain the continuity of the customer’s or organizations’ businesses we serve.


We attempt to set ourselves apart by ensuring that every installation and solution we offer is backed up by a reliable service and maintenance team option. We respond to service and maintenance requests on an as-needed basis, and in most cases, we engage in comprehensive and simple-to-manage Annual Maintenance Agreements(AMA).

Installed projects and referrals account for over 30% of our new business, and we value after-sales support as much as if not more than, new projects. We assure correct and quick response in all of the projects we work on, and we take pleasure in this vital necessity.

In addition, we’ve simplified and consolidated our technology partners to guarantee that all essential replacements are available and that all of the brands we represent have reliable warranties. Our ultimate purpose is to provide our customers peace of mind.

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